Hi! I'm an artist and community activist, interested in just about everything. I’m currently a Nomad 9 MFA student and mom to two girls with one on the way! :) I'm one of those people who love a challenge and a new project. Always looking outside my comfort zone for something new. II'm looking for spaces where those things connect - community + art. I love working on new creative and community oriented projects - feel free to email me any time!

- Grace

Artist Statement

Many of my projects are generated from the materials I save as a mother and a constant collector of old stationery, fabric, and other small goods. Combining the items I collect with observations and a vision, I work on a project over time - developing what I want to say and where I want it to be displayed. Sometimes using participation from others, often working solo, I weave in work hours with daily obligations to create subtle and engaging pieces. 

I love mini prints and my aesthetic is reflective of the vintage quilt materials and 80s and 90s patterns I enjoyed as a child. I like to piece things together - lashing, tying, or gluing to create something interesting. I’m heavily influenced by my pioneer ancestry and the tradition of thrift, self-reliance, and resourcefulness that I grew up around in Utah. In contrast, I also grew up with shopping malls, arcade prizes, and thrift stores. As a teenager, I loved to scrapbook - saving dance invitations, photos, and patterns that I liked. Looking back, I’ve always loved to save and create a world out of the items I collect. 

My current series, Kitchen Scraps, is made with items collected from our recycling bin. One of the quilts, Kitchen Scraps I, was hung in the Fresno Fair quilt exhibit in 2018. I like to advocate for communities and appreciate my role as an artist to add to the conversation. My project, Eyes on the Parks, supported Measure P - a major opportunity for the underfunded parks system in Fresno. I jump between both arenas - the creation of art through collected items and participating in community organizations.