I love creating and supporting communities and neighborhoods.

In 2010, I managed a farmer's market in Mamaroneck, NY. Every Saturday morning, I woke up early (in the cold!) to open the doors and help the vendors get organized. I greeted shoppers and made sure everything ran smoothly. I loved interacting with everyone. What an amazing way to spend a Saturday! 

We lived in Riverdale, NY for 3 years and for one of those years, I helped run a local neighborhood calendar that talked about all the kid-related events in the area. We promoted schools, classes, libraries, and local businesses. I really enjoyed being involved with all of the local owners and knowing what was happening each week. The more you know about your community, the more you want to take care of it and help it grow. 

Last year, I created a co-op preschool for 10 kids (including my own! :) in our neighborhood. We met Thursdays from 9-11:30 and took turns teaching and assisting. My daughter has loved attending a preschool with all of her neighborhood and church friends. And we have supported each other and covered for each other whenever needed.